This Beauty Tool Made My Foundation Flawless


I remember watching infomercials when I was little and thinking that shipping and handling must be an extraordinarily big deal, involving a lot of people, a lot of stamps, and a lot of work because of how much it seemed to cost relative to whatever was being sold.  (Yep, born economist.) 

Thankfully, my 10 year old self can now live out her beauty infomercial purchasing dreams through the magic of Amazon when something interesting pops up. I generally keep my beauty tool buying to Sephora to rack up points for what I’m hoping is the currency of the ever-after. For this little gizmo, however, I’ve made an exception. 

The Flawless Finishing Touch is a makeup bag essential. I’ve yet to recommend it to any woman who hasn’t sung its praises, agreed with the glowing review, and realized it’s a complete game changer in terms of skin texture and makeup application. At $20, it is a very cheap beauty buy and small enough to slip into any makeup bag. 

Here’s the magic. You flick a little switch and buzz the thing wherever you have any sort of fuzziness on your face or neck — think chin, hairline by your ears, etc., and in seriously a few seconds with zero irritation you’re completely slick as a seal. I’ve tossed aside my previous straight edges for all but the most detailed of brow grooming in favor of this little lady. The replacement heads are also easy and affordable, and I’ve gotten about 6 weeks of use out of one before needing to replace them. 

The end result for makeup application is so noticeable that even the hubs made a passing reference about its smoothness. You’ll find that you’re not getting as many shadows and for those of us on the dry side, my skin looks significantly less powdery now that there aren’t any tiny baby hairs for product to cling to. 

As an extra perk when buying the Flawless, you get to enjoy the smugness of experiencing the near exact results from an Amazon beauty buy as you would from a serious dermaplaning device, to the tune of $200. Unfortunately for my younger self, shipping and handling not included.