Wardrobe Essentials You Need From Everlane

Source: Everlane

Source: Everlane

I’m needing a little refresh and some new basics. Everlane is always my first stop when I’m in this basic wardrobe building mode. Working in NYC, in a pretty conservative firm, I need basics that not only can mix and match with each other but also can wear like iron. Everlane has impressed me so much over the past few years. Their sustainable strategy and commitment to quality truly does stand out in a world of office wear that sometimes only barely hovers above fast fashion quality and pricing. (Ann Taylor, I’m looking at you.) For many of Everlane’s pieces, you can get close to “Today’s 40 % off” sale pricing from some typical workwear brands, but with significantly better quality and a greater social consciousness about how your clothes are being produced. Here are five basics I recently refreshed my wardrobe with.

1 | The Blazer

This oversized blazer is what Parisian style is all about. Slightly larger and nice and straight down the sides, it is the third piece you’ll toss on over every dress for extra polish, top a sweater for a last minute meeting, or be the weekend staple when you need to look a little sharper.

The magic of this piece is that borrowed from the boys look, with two buttons (classic, suiting most body types) and sleeves that will look perfect pushed up.

2 | A White Tee

For me, the air oversized crew is the tee shirt I’m grabbing to layer under everything. This is not necessarily a work wear piece for me, since my office is a little more formal. That said, with a dressy necklace, heels, black jeans, and the above blazer, I could probably get away with this on a meeting-less Friday. Instead, you’ll throw this under every duster, top a pair of cutoffs in the summer, or even layer another long sleeve under it for a little warmth as loungewear. Everlane tees have a decent heft, even in the lighter shades, and the shapes always hold up well in the wash.

3 | The Work Pant

Ok but truly, where do you get a work pant for $50? These are a closet essential, and you could easily put these to work three times a week in office wear rotation, with no one being the wiser. The side zip handles nearly every top you could layer over it, and the hip seaming gives good shape without squishing. And, I’m not 25 anymore, so I need a pant that has a little higher rise and won’t need tugging at throughout the day. Ladies, meet your closet workhorse.

4| The Cashmere Crew

There are many reasons this $100 cashmere crewneck sweater has over 3500 glowing reviews. It is well-constructed, comes in every color you could hope for, and is a good quality cashmere at a great price. I am normally a small, and I buy this in a medium because I need a little slouch to my sweaters. If you’re looking for a sleek, fitted look, take your true size. Gals with a long torso might find this a tiny bit short, but since I’m a petite, it is the perfect proportion for me.

5| The French Terry Sweatshirt

Ugh, did I really need this sweatshirt if I bought the cashmere crew? So, yes. Even though it does sort of seem like the twin-ish sister of the cashmere, it really does serve a different purpose. It’s cool girl chic with ripped jeans and a bootie on the weekend. It’s polished loungewear with a little jogger and an upscale sneak to run Saturday errands. It is also the softest dang thing you’ll ever squish, so for that alone it’s worth the purchase. It’s also under $40, which is my perfect price point for a piece like this.

Do you shop Everlane? What are your favorites there?

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