7 Things Wealthy Women Do With Their Money That You Can Do Too

Source: E.E. Interior Architecture

Source: E.E. Interior Architecture

We all think that somehow, wealthy women have it differently. It’s easy to think that all of the ways they manage and grow their money will only be accessible to us once we “hit it big” - whatever that even means! I loved this piece because it’s important to remember that being smart about money isn’t something thats available only to the very well off.

My favorite tip on this list was talking through how you need to build your own financial team of experts. Even if you’re just starting out in business, there are so many ways to make financial advice accessible. Reading top blogs, finding a good accountant, and starting small investing with robo-advisors or low fee products can go far in the long run. As always, my best advice is start this minute, however small, to watch your nest egg grow.

What was your favorite tip from this list?

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