8 Tips for Successfully Managing Your Inbox...One More Thing

Source: Procrastination Like a Pro

Source: Procrastination Like a Pro

I’m as guilty as anyone of letting my inbox get the best of me! In this piece, for The EveryGirl, I talked through some of my favorite tips to get my inbox under control! Do you know about the “clean up conversation” feature? I find that so many gals don’t know about that very tricky step in outlook that can clear dozens of emails from your inbox in a blink!

And one more thing…. If you’re looking for a great book on organization in general, Never Check Your Email in the Morning, is still my holy grail of inbox and time management. Because of this book I really do almost never check email straight away in the office because morning is my most productive time! I’ve found that spending mornings instead checking in on key projects and starting in on some planning for my day is much more efficient than scanning the inbox for whatever has come in from another time zone or beat me to the starting line. It much more helps me run my day instead of being tied to my inbox!

Did I miss any inbox organization ideas?

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