Source: Elle Harikleia

Source: Elle Harikleia

This week, I’m feeling particularly ready for spring. It’s interesting, isn’t it, when something reaches a natural ending. When you feel a transition, a spark toward closure, or a push in a direction that tells you it is time for something new. Around this week’s theme of endings, here are a few thoughts that helped me process endings this week.

1 | The End of An Era

Karl Lagerfeld’s passing marks the end of a truly iconic period in fashion. Few personas like him still exist in the fashion world—especially those that can combine outsize personality with outsize lasting talent and appeal. Among other commitments, Karl followed his own instincts. It’s a good reminder for all of us that really, again, the only person you have to be in this life is yourself, so polish that self sharp and embrace every inch of what makes you unique.

2 | You are Not Where You Left

I thought this was a really interesting article about disclosing your ending salary. Some new jobs will ask you about that, and in some states, it’s actually become illegal to do so during a job interview process. The idea is that it limits economic and social mobility if you have to share at every new beginning where you left -eg, you could have been grossly underpaid in your last job. Bottom line, understand the laws of your own backyard and err toward the side of limited disclosure wherever possible given that as a woman, it’s highly likely you were underpaid in that past role anyway. Don’t limit yourself in a new beginning because of another ending.

3 | Your Sense of Self Matters Most

Endings absorb a lot of psychological energy. This article really assisted me in processing why endings can be so draining. It talked through how for many issues that precede an ending, we can spend a lot of mental energy game planning different outcomes, if/then scenarios, and when that ending point finally comes and we look back on it, it can be a little unsettling to recognize an outcome that we may or may not have predicted. This article did a good job of talking through the ways that hanging on to your sense of self during an ending is a critical part of moving forward with renewed energy.

4 | It’s Ok to Peak at the Ending

Ok THANK YOU the Guardian for putting some details behind what I feel like I routinely try to talk people into. Reading the ending first can actually enhance your enjoyment of a book. So flip away friends.

5 | Analyzing What Makes a Good Ending

I like a little structure to things that feel intuitive. As a writer and voracious reader, of course we all know the things that strike a particular chord with us in a really engaging ending. I liked this article dissecting 9 Key Elements of Great Endings. You’ll notice some that instantly call to mind your favorite books and movies.

What have you read about getting through an ending to a new beginning?