It’s that time of year isn’t it? Where we’re all ready to hit that reset button and turn the page on something new. We’re all thinking about what the year has in store. What we can do to make something a little different, hold on to something that was really wonderful, or, make some changes to get to a better version of ourselves. Sometimes at this time of year, a big change can feel really overwhelming. Instead, the idea of a light reset tends to ring more true for me. I found a few things that helped me as I was thinking about resetting.

1 | Really, It’s About Hormones

Hormones play a role in almost all of our internal systems. They are huge contributors to your energy level, metabolism, and just general well-being. Working through a few things of my own this year, I’ve learned a lot about how you can hit the reset button on hormones. This article was a good round up for some of the major triggers and fixes.

2 | Put Down the iPhone

After the holidays, my internal alarm clock gets a little out of whack. Late nights up, early mornings, travel - it all adds up and can have you a little off base from your normal routine. Here’s how to reset your broken internal alarm clock.

3 | Money Motivations

It doesn’t need to be the beginning of the year for this, but we’re all often looking to lock it down a bit after holiday spending. I liked that this article talked about stepping up retirement contributions- if you have any raise coming your way, it’s a great time to do this!

4 | Middle? Left? Right?

Nope, not resetting politics - but parts. I’m a gal who switches between a middle and left part and it does take a little resetting to get a new part in your hair turning out the right way. The appropriate products and some good blow drying technique goes a long way.

5 | Coming Back to Balance

If 2019 has a work reset in store for you—eg, you need to lay off the email, leave at a reasonable hour, and set some boundaries between you and your boss— then you might be looking for an office reset. Here are a few thoughts on approaching those conversations and resetting your career.