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Source: @_foodstories_

February 14th works harder than most other days of the year. It has undergone a major image makeover in the past 10 years. It gets up early to let us know that love can look like a really good pilates workout that morning. That you should definitely remember to call your mother. That “galentines” is just as —if not a more— legitimate way to celebrate lifelong love and relationships. And oh yeah, if you do happen to have that other person in your world, then there are a million ways to show them that love too. Nuts about my other half, we generally pass on Valentine’s day in favor of periodically showing small moments of love over grand gestures and chocolate. For the narrow definition that is love on this day, here are a few fun reads.

1 | Love You Everyday

I think Valentine’s Day is a perfect time for something a little quirky for your loved one. Here are a handful of nontraditional cards that you can share to bring a smile.

2 | The Chemicals Between Us

Love, Lust, and What Actually Goes on in Our Brains. Even when we’re certain our soul has found it’s home, it’s fun to recognize there’s a bit of actual chemistry coming together as well.

3 | Potluck Anyone?

I like the idea of a fancy girls potluck on 14 Feb. Encouraging a little dressing up, maybe bring over glam squad, make a reservation at your favorite cocktail bar for the after party…. a girls night can be equally full of love and celebration. Here are a few other ideas to make galentine’s day special.

4 | Make it Uncommon

Uncommon goods is my go to for gifts. They truly have anyone and everyone covered with super unique and thoughtful gifts, many of which can be quickly customized. Last year my hubs got a personalized whiskey cask and he counts it as one of the best gifts I’ve ever given him.

5 | A Little Dark

NPR still has one of the best reads of all time on the origins of Valentine’s Day. It’s a brief round up so you’ll never have to mumble…”Eh, I think there was a Saint?” again.