The Third Piece: Belted Wrap Sweater

Source : Pinterest

Source : Pinterest

I came across this picture on Pinterest and have since been obsessed with hunting down the perfect wrap sweater. In fairness, this obsession started with my love of the Morandi sweater from MM LaFleur. It’s a bit rich for my everyday shopping price tags at $265, but damn if I haven’t gotten every penny of cost per wear out of it in the blush color that I purchased at one of their rare sample sales.  This cream sweater in the photo is gorgeous and I was inspired to consider adding a shape like it in another light hue.

That said, I really do need it in black to be as versatile as possible for the core color scheme in my wardrobe. And unfortunately MM La Fleur doesn’t make their pieces consistently in standard “neutral” basics that you can just pick up whenever. (For example, this little gem is only available in navy right now - gorgeous, just not my color story and personal version of a basic.) 

So the hunt goes on. I’m really after something with a wrap effect as opposed to just a traditionally straight cardigan. I think the wrap gives a sweater that extra mileage of style detail that looks a little more polished and professional, especially if it goes to the office. I also like being able to swap out a fabric belt with something a little more substantial. With a skirt and some heels, you’re 75% of the way to a suit, which will do for all but the most formal of offices and client meetings. 

A few options I came across look like they might fit the bill. This one from Banana Republic has some decent structure and a bit of length, which is nice for a skinny pant. An under $40 option from Nordstrom is the “weekend edition” of this look. Theory also had a pretty cashmere belted piece, that could work in my closet since it’s such a rich charcoal neutral. I haven’t quite found an equal though to the rich, thick knit in this photo so my hunt continues. Tip me off if you’ve come across something similar!

Do you have a black wrap sweater in the closet? Where did you find it?