Florals for Spring…Groundbreaking

Spring might actually be peaking its head out in New York City. We’ve had several days of sunshine and the crispness in the air is just barely starting to feel like it could turn to a warm welcome again. It’s that perfect time of year where you still need something with a comforting texture to keep you warm, but florals of all sorts are starting to feel appropriate and fresh flowers abound.

1 | Crazy rents are chipping away at one of my favorite city indulgences. New York’s flower district is shrinking every year, and it’s tough for family owned businesses to continue to survive on shrinking profit margins.

2 | Floral prints for women are almost never dark or edgy enough for my taste so I generally shop the men’s section. For some reason, brands are more likely to choose a bold flower, a little more unique print, or a dark backdrop which I think makes florals much more modern. I’m hoping that a small size in this blazer from Asos could be a spring addition to my wardrobe for a casual work day with jeans or a weekend topper. Of course, I wish my weekend wear included this Gucci sweatshirt—the ultimate spring print— but alas, the price will keep it on my permanent wish list.

3 | Why do we give flowers? Turns out floriography (new word of the day!) is a historical means of communication and was transformed with Victorian traditions on top of even older cultural norms from other cultures.

4 | Apartment living doesn’t have to mean giving up greens entirely. This small planter should be just enough for a few pretty blooms and some everyday herbs to live in my tiny city space.

5 | Just added to my list of interesting day trips from New York City is the Design Library a bit from Hudson Valley. An archive of all kinds of unique design patterns in fashion, a gal could get her fill of any floral imaginable. (And take in the live buds and foliage on the way there!)

Do you have a favorite floral print this season?