These Flats Have the Most Modern Shape

Source:    @lowstolux

Source: @lowstolux

I can’t remember the last time I bought a flat that didn’t have a loafer or mule look. For a while now, it has felt like a typical ballet flat just doesn’t quite have the polish or sophistication that these other styles have with a slightly more narrow toe and a little more of a masculine edge.

These mules are the sister of the ones in the picture. I like that they are backless, but it does mean that they don’t last an entire Saturday of errands. If the Gucci that started it all is a little rich for your taste, I like these $80 alternatives that have the same gold hardware and slim footprint. I almost always think leopard looks better with a little calf hair texture, and for under $100, these have enough lightness to carry you into spring. I’ve taken the M.Gemi Stellato in and out of my cart for a good two years now, and I just need to pull the trigger. The little tab crawling up the back is the chicest style detail and I’m sure they’d become my daily go to.

Styling mules couldn’t be easier. The one pant that doesn’t shine with them can occasionally be a wide leg or a full trouser. That’s because these styles often come up higher on the foot, looking a little too covered if they directly meet the pant right at the break.