Empowerment is interesting right? It doesn’t exist without action. It’s not a state of mind. It’s not something you can just feel, it means that something needs to be done. You are empowered to….. think, behave, act on something. At its best, empowerment gives you an opportunity to elevate someone else, create space for them, or give an opportunity that they wouldn’t otherwise have.

1 | Putting Empowerment Into Action

Empowering your employees is one of the most powerful skills you can work to develop as a new manager. It’s a way to guard against micromanagement and encourage an environment of innovation.

2| Has Empowerment Just Been Sold to Women?

It’s rare you find any literature encouraging men to feel more empowered in the office, own their voices, or proudly wear whatever they so chose. Is the idea of empowerment just a “uniquely" marketable” idea sold to women?

3 | Money Matters

Cribbing off of that last idea… give “financially empowered” a google and watch the million ways that its attachment to “women” pops up. Getting a hold of your finances is a cornerstone of feeling confident and able to take action on all of our goals. I liked these 27 ways to get over money fears.

4 | Vote With Your Wallet

Byrdie did a great series with this title in support of companies that attach to causes you believe in. This curated beauty guide runs down 15 brands that feature women-owned or women-led businesses.

5 | Confidence Dressing Is a Thing

Some studies have found a definitive link between an outfit and how it influences how we act, but even without black and white proof, we’ve all experienced feeling a little boosted up by our wardrobe choice. I liked the street style vibe of this Elle article that talked with 9 real women on how they use fashion to feel empowered.

What does empowerment mean to you? Is it something personal? Or, do you primarily see it as a way to enable those around you?