The Chicest Housewarming Gift....for $25


Everyone Needs a Go-To Housewarming Gift

Living in New York City, friends rotate in and out of apartments like crazy. I usually end up picking an affordable go-to housewarming present that can be on rotation for a few friends and pairs nicely with a bottle of something celebratory. Gifts in this category for your more urban friends are also tricky because everyone is a little tight on space, and while consumables reign, giving something lasting feels a bit more thoughtful.

My latest rotation is a sleek, chic combo from CB2 that gifts far more expensive than it is, and can be bulked up with fun additions to customize to your friends’ interest and filled out if you’d like to spend a bit more. These cylinder champagne flutes are just gorgeous, and they are an apartment-friendly size. Paired with a large glass beaker, it’s an instant mimosa set up, or just about any other mixed cocktail you can think of.

Glasses Set

CB2 $14


CB2 $8

Isn’t it crazy that you can batch these beauties together for under $25? If you’re gifting into the next price tier, I like to add a bottle of the yellow label and possibly some chic stirrers . You could also batch this together with a few delivered baked goods for a truly chic breakfast spread. It would be a perfect thank you to someone as a hostess gift, or if you’re spending a weekend visiting a friend.

What is your go-to affordable housewarming gift?