Tips For Getting Rested

Certain seasons in life just take it out of you. Sometimes rest is about self-care, restorative activities, and reconnecting with your favorite people, places, and pass times. But right now for me, rest is about straight up sleep. Part of making that sleep actually refreshing is making my space as comfortable and cocoon like as possible.

1 || Bedding

Sheets are the place to start. These from Amazon have the volume of rave reviews to back up their softness. If you’re in adulting mode and ready to splurge a bit more, these classic cotton pieces from Brooklinen are just the place to start. Not only are they perfectly soft and wash like a dream, I’m thrilled with the simplicity of their solution to the world’s longest standing bedding issue-which side where? They have a cheeky label saying “short” and “long” that delights me every time I make up my bed.

2 || Ambiance

On to ambiance. It’s just science that if your room smells like a spa you will fall asleep better, faster, for longer, and have the absolute best dreams. (Missing citation.) But seriously, there’s something to be said for engaging all of your senses in rest, and adding in aromatherapy elements to my night time routine has been very calming. I have this sleek and chic diffuser that I fill with Saje oils. I start it about 30 minutes before bed with the door closed so that it has a better shot at filling up the room. I also have my eye on the Aera, which has a hefty price tag but some really impressive, complex blends of scents.


3 || What to Wear

Hautelook is my destination of choice for good loungewear and pajama sets that are super affordable. Lunya also makes some gorgeous high end pieces that are good for a splurge if you’re looking to cross over from true sleep wear to lounge wear. Bottom line, I’m always looking for comfortable separates that can be layered to adjust to temperatures during my night time routine. Staying cool while you sleep is one of the best ways to stay asleep—with the ideal temp in your room being somewhere between 60-67 degrees.

4 || Beauty Overnight

I like my beauty products to work hard while I’m sleeping. Sunday Riley’s famed oil might be faux blue, but it’s truly effective. It’s the best retinoid/retinol derivative I’ve used, as it’s combination with a rich oil is not drying or at all irritating, but also somehow manages to be non-comedogenic. I’m also recently into this night cream, which is thick but not greasy. If you’re getting really serious about overnight treatments, pop in some Olaplex 3, and wake up to strengthened hair, with freshly repaired ends.

5 || Winding Down

Lastly, a little minor task before bed helps wind down my mind and begin my sleeping ritual. I take a few minutes with this quick journal, and then downshift into some ambient sound. The insight timer app is my favorite for meditation or just good music to cart you off to wonderland. Other swear by this gentlemen’s stories, droned on in a drowsy voice, but that just kept my brain too busy trying to keep up. All else fails, a classic white noise buzz is another useful option.

What are your sleeping essentials?