Sephora Spring Sale Picks - Skincare Edition

Elle Woods, you really had it figured out. After travel—and even more, after the turn of the season— my skin needs some light exfoliation followed by super rich hydration. So, here' we are at the Sephora sale, where I’m in deep on my favorite skincare finds, stocking up to replace some favorites, and trying a new-to-me-ingredient in a soothing face oil. VIB’s can start shopping 20% off now, with basically everyone in on the gig by next week, ending May 6th.

1 | Lancer, The Method, Polish

My sensitive skin needs a fairly gentle polish and most facialists will recommend that if you’re in my camp, exfoliating once per week might just about do it. I love this polish because it gently warms as it scrubs on, and it does have some “grit” which I find much more satisfying than using acids exclusively for exfoliation. To that end though, it is rough, so a gentle swoosh around should do. Aging like a dream, Candace Bure is a huge fan of this line, and sold me on my first purchase. A little goes a long way, so pick up the small bottle— it lasts me months.

2 | Belif Moisturizing Eye Bomb

This is my go-to eye cream. During the day, it sits perfectly under makeup and creates an excellent base with just enough moisture. At night, it’s the jumping off point that allows me to layer on other serums and goodies on top of it. For me, it doesn’t interact with any of my other nighttime anti-aging products, so it’s a staple eye hydrator that you can use year-round.


3 | Lanige Lip Sleeping Mask

Buzz right past the newer strange vanilla flavor and toss one of these little pink gems into your cart with any of your other purchases. Is it absurd to spend $20 on essentially chapstick? Well yes, if this were chapstick. Instead, it’s the best lip smoother, plumper, and primer on the market right now and well done them for bringing it to you in a new tube instead of their older tub. I stick with the tub, because I’m prone to losing lip baubles, but if you can keep track of your things, buy one for the night stand and toss another in your purse.

4 | Sunday Riley, The Power Couple

These are two products that I keep going back to, despite their heftier price tag and some suspect claims around blue tansy. Results, however, speak for themselves and these two products do give me some of the best anti-aging results I’ve seen from anything on the market—even more so than my beloved Ordinary. I use them in combination in the evenings a few nights a week, and as mentioned, take the retinol oil right up under my eyes over the belif to help with fine lines and puffiness. The duo is already a better price than buying these products individually so they’re a must-buy at sale price.

5 | Herbivore, Emerald

This new-to-me oil went in my cart as a trial so we’ll see how it goes. The CBD is supposed to be ultra-calming and reduce redness. I also have been feeling like I could use a bit more of a glowy base on the days I’m not wearing other heavy face makeup. This already is getting great reviews, and also falls in the camp of Sephora’s newer “clean” offerings, so I’m giving it a go.

Also be sure not to miss the Peter Thomas Roth masks. Again, they’re a screaming deal at the $75 price point, so on sale for circa $60, go for it.

What did you pick up from the Sephora Sale?