The Best $25 You'll Spend This Spring


This romper is the best $25 you’ll spend on a wardrobe addition this season. In fact, I bought two. That’s because this little gem of a romper is an Old Navy comeback from last year. I picked it up on a whim on the stickiest of city days in July and wore it, wore it, wore it, the entire rest of the summer. Would I have pegged myself as a girl who wears a romper? No, I sure wouldn’t have, and I’m debatably over the age limit to confess to such a wardrobe addition. But that said, it became the heat-savvy base layer savior that I built my late summer styling around.

A cardigan and slippers lets it lounge around the house. Sneakers and a hoodie and it can get you out the door to walk the dog. Sandals and a green utility jacket sets you up for errands on Saturday; swap in a heel and jewelry later that day and you’re set for a summer patio dinner.

It’s a really light, easy woven that breathes well. It’s also got just enough of an interesting shape to be special, but has enough fluid movement that it feels comfortable and not constricting. I sized up because this fabric can tend to shrink. I also wanted to be sure the shorts didn’t tug at all. In sum, wait for an Old Navy sale and snatch this up for under $25. You’ll turn to it all summer and throw it in every carry on you’re traveling with this year.

Do you have a romper like this in your wardrobe? How do you style it?